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When I was asked to take part in the Carnival activities during Creativity Week I felt quite uncomfortable and even a little bit put off because these are activities that I have either never done before, or I am rubbish at!  I went along anyway and found myself in with the Capoeira group on Monday where everybody was better than me.  But I got involved and really enjoyed myself.

Over the next few days I got involved with Brazilian Drumming, Salsa Dancing, Contemporary Dancing (including the Heavy Metal of Brazil’s own Soulfly!), Circus Skills…  The list goes on and on.  I will admit that even by the end of thursday I was still struggling to see how it would all go together when we got into Sunderland.

I think my high point of the week was seeing it all come good in town.  We arrived in the backstage area and everyone was doing a Sunshine Dance.  A lot of pupils’ friends and families turned up along with some very bemused passers by.  However, once the carnival began a beam of Rio Sunlight shone and everybody got into the carnival spirit.  At the end a lady asked what it was all in aid of she told me that she was an ex Sandhill View pupil, from the first year it was open!

It was a crazy week, it was a fun week, would I do it all again? YEAH!



The carnival performance in Sunderland City Centre on Friday 8th July was a fun and vibrant event, despite the sky giving it’s best shot to ruin the day!

Below are the best of our pictures taken by our fantastic Media Team. There is still one last thing to put on our blog, the video-blog of the carnvial performance, which you can expect to see on here before Wednesday. Before then, please enjoy Courtney’s Podcast and Liam’s excellent blog about the history of Rio Carnival.

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Photography by Thomas Croft, Adam Croft, Hannah Fraser, Faith Hall and Jessican Lawrence.


Please enjoy Courtney’s Creativity Week Podcast for our blog. She interviewed staff and special guests on their experiences of Creativity Week.

Thank You and well done Courtney!

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On friday morning we photographed the first full rehearsal of the carnival. These are my top 20 photos.

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This slideshow shows what went on during the rehersal before the Carnival.

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This slideshow shows my top 20 photographs of the sandhill view carnival dress rehearsal.

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On Friday morning we photographed the reheasal of the carnival. These are my top twenty photos.


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