The Greatest Show on Earth: The history of Rio Carnival.

Posted on: July 8, 2011

One of the many floats at Rio Carnival

Rio carnival was first created in 1965 but their first carnival was about 200 to 300 years ago, but it was not originally called Rio Carnival.Rio Carnival started the same time as a street carnival called Banda de Ipanema.

The Samba, the style of dance that accompanies Rio Carnival, was created by African slaves mixing with the ‘choros’ or street bands of brazil.

The Rio Carnival uses many kinds of drums to get it’s big carnival sound. These drums are called surdo,caixas,repiniques and tamborim.

The style of Samba that is found at Rio Carnival is batucala. The Rio Carnival is always held 40 days before easter, signalling it’s religious roots.Before the samba dance started using drums to catch the right beat and attention, it was all flutes and string instruments and an aptio, which is a kind of whistle. The aptio has 3 notes on it.

The Rio Carnival sends out beats rhythems and colourful dances and brightly coloured dresses. Many carnivals are held in Brazil and they all compete with each other.

 They all try to be the best but the Rio Carnival has got the greatest party in the world, therefore it is the greatest show on Earth.

Writer: Liam Jaitay


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