An interview with Mr Bain


  1. How do you think creativity week benefits learning?

I think it encourages teachers to come out from what they are used to. Like English, maths and science teachers are used to teaching what they know but this week pushes them to come out of the box and try new thing. Most of all thought I think its fun and gives the pupils a break from the normal lessons.


2.What have you enjoyed the most during creativity week?

Firstly I know it has nothing to do with creativity week but I really enjoyed the year 11 presentation it was a great night their parents are there and it was great. But getting back to creativity week I loved how the year 7s were singing dancing queen and they were really enjoying I also enjoyed the capoeira because it was thing i had never done before.


3.Will you be joining in at the carnival?

Yes of course but sadly I do not think I will be able to join in as I do not know any of the routines but i would have liked to have a go at the gigantes they looked really good and looked as though they had been worked really hard on.


4.What are the other positives effects you see coming from creativity week?

Relationships with the children and the teachers would come together and they would get better learning out of it.


One of the many floats at Rio Carnival

Rio carnival was first created in 1965 but their first carnival was about 200 to 300 years ago, but it was not originally called Rio Carnival.Rio Carnival started the same time as a street carnival called Banda de Ipanema.

The Samba, the style of dance that accompanies Rio Carnival, was created by African slaves mixing with the ‘choros’ or street bands of brazil.

The Rio Carnival uses many kinds of drums to get it’s big carnival sound. These drums are called surdo,caixas,repiniques and tamborim.

The style of Samba that is found at Rio Carnival is batucala. The Rio Carnival is always held 40 days before easter, signalling it’s religious roots.Before the samba dance started using drums to catch the right beat and attention, it was all flutes and string instruments and an aptio, which is a kind of whistle. The aptio has 3 notes on it.

The Rio Carnival sends out beats rhythems and colourful dances and brightly coloured dresses. Many carnivals are held in Brazil and they all compete with each other.

 They all try to be the best but the Rio Carnival has got the greatest party in the world, therefore it is the greatest show on Earth.

Writer: Liam Jaitay

In school this week we have had a group of professional drummers that have come in to teach everyone how to play Brazilian instruments and tell the culture of Brazil.

In preparation for the big carnival the drummers and their group of pupils have been working to get the perfect rhythm. Firstly Claudio (one of the professional drummers) clapped a rhythm out and the pupils clapped back with the same rhythm. They then started to stamp their feet in time. This gets them used to the pace of the beat they will be going through during the performance.





The professional drummers then divided the pupils into groups depending on what instrument they played. This allows the pupils to hear what their instruments sound like when just they are playing.

After all of the pupils have had time to practise they all come together and start to perform the piece. As they are playing Claudio went round to help the people who were struggling and give them advice on what to do make it better.

Let’s hope they get it perfect for the final performance.


We interviewed Mrs Ord in Music one. Through the week she has been teaching pupils songs such as Michael Buble’s Last Dance and Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull’s On The Floor. Many pupils chose this as their first choice to do during Creativity Week. We interviewed Mrs Ord and this is what she told us.

When we asked her what her favourite part of creativity week was, she said “it was the last bit of singing where I started to finish both songs and the group came together”. We also asked her about the groups. She replied, “I thought all of the groups were really good singers”. Mrs Ord has had 15 years of experience in singing with singing in pubs, clubs and hotels. If she was to get the groups to sing anymore songs they would be probably be by Glee. The final question we asked her was what is she most looking forward to see at the carnival, her answer was she wants to see the dancers dancing to Jennifer Lopez at the carnival.

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During Creativity Week, Year Nine were making board games with the Enterprise team. Here are some photos from Thursday.

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This slideshow shows what the year 7’s have been up to during Creativity Week including Racism and Fairtrade.

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This slideshow shows the Circus Skills that  year eight pupils have gained during creativity week.


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